CompuCare is the brainchild of Hossein Sinaei, a qualified computer technician who has recently migrated to Australia.

In his own country of Iran, he ran his own computer business providing technical services to home users, many small businesses and a few medium businesses.

Hossein is one of those unusual people who simply love working ‘behind the screen’ of computers. Having been involved with computer systems for approximately 10 years, he has acquired a unique and comprehensive set of skills and knowledge that allow him to confidently tackle computer glitches that send most of us insane in seconds.

On arriving in Australia, he used these skills as a volunteer IT Support Person at The Welcome Centre, a resource and support centre for new migrants while he was learning the difference between the English he was taught overseas, and the language most South Australian’s speak.

In the first twelve months, there was also the essential cultural knowledge to learn as well. Important things a young man about town needs to know, like when it’s not okay to wear your thongs, how to make a fritz and sauce sandwich and that a Crow is a footballer not just a black bird in the garden.

Armed with a better understanding of the locals, it was a very natural progression for Hossein to move back into the business world in the area he knows and loves best – computers, and more importantly, fixing other people’s computers. This is a good news for the residents of Adelaide!

The world cannot have too many computer geeks who actually speak like a normal person, who understands your panic when your PC packs up or your internet won’t let you surf, and who won’t hold you to ransom to fix it just because you didn’t have the cord plugged in properly.

CompuCare is Hossein’s new Aussie flavoured business specialising in helping home owners and small business to live more comfortably with the computers in their lives. So whatever your computer issue is, I’m sure if you call him once, you’ll be confident to call him again.

Happy computing SA!

Kate Hunter